The Heart of Australian Television
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David Chittick
Take a unique look at the golden years of Australian
television through the eyes of people who were there.
Throughout television history Australians have craved and embraced locally made programs. There is, after all, an attraction to familiar settings, characters, themes, accents and situations. Year by year, from 1963-80, you'll be taken on a journey through what was an era of innovation, experimentation and history making events.
More than fifty contributors, among them Lorraine Bayly, Bill Peach, Jamie Redfern and John-Michael Howson, reminisce about their lives and programs that took them into our living rooms and hearts.
Via their associations with Mr. Squiggle, The Sullivans, Homicide, Young Talent Time, Adventure Island, Number 96, Skippy and twelve more Australian television classics, these icons and unsung heroes are finally given the recognition they deserve - all in one volume. Their fascinating anecdotes are accompanied by 200 rarely seen photographs.
This is a mere sampling of our television heritage, but an overall reflection of what made us uniquely Australian.
Here is Australian televison at its heart!
A 470+ page hard cover Coffee Table-style volume which includes 200 rarely seen photos in Full Colour and Black and White
Order Now $69.95 P&H Australia-wide $15.00
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