The Heart of Australian Television
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'It's beautiful. A great acknowledgement of a great era.' Di Morrissey

'Loved it!' Andrew Mercado

This book is superb, and worth every cent. So well written, beautifully put together, with some fantastic photographs. It brought back many great memories of my childhood and reminded me of how heavily influenced I was by shows that were Australian made. Steve Licciardi

When I heard that this lavishly-illustrated, handsome, king-size memoir of Australian TV included an authentic overview of Number 96, the series I created, I had to have it. I was not disappointed. It's a wonderful journey guided by a writer who truly loves the TV shows he grew up with. A must! David Sale

'The Heart of Australian Television' is beautifully sophisticated, accurate in its content and is extremely elegant in its appearance as a hardback. But more importantly, for me and my family, it's a small portion of a very well researched account of my parents and their lives in the early days of television. Guy Mallaby

Absolutely absorbing and true to the time of Australian TV at its zenith. Many of these shows literally put food on our family table as my father Kenneth R. Hayles was involved in writing for many of them. Seeing and reading about the actors involved fills me with great memories of my childhood, sitting around the family dining table and listening to stories of what went on behind the scenes of so many of these great Australian productions. David you have created a time capsule that without your effect and initiative much of the information you have shared could well have been lost in the dust of progress. Stephen K. Hayles

A wonderful book! The best publication I have ever seen on Australian TV Shows! Staggered by the amount of research, not to mention the interviews with numerious people, so many of whom I know and have worked with. Peter Sumner

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